For folks at WPI, please find the corresponding Canvas and TopHat pages for course information.

Large intro physics lab at CU Boulder

I helped to completely redesign the intro physics lab course at CU Boulder. The course now focuses on laboratory-specific learning goals, relying on simple and limited physics theory knowledge. It involves electronic notebooks and real-time data collection and analysis. None of the activities are so-called "verification labs." Instead, the result of measurements are not known at the start. Measurement uncertainty concepts and practices are a big focus.

If you are interested in learning more and accessing the lab guides and other materials from this course, send an email to Heather Lewandowski at lewandoh@colorado.edu.

Remote intro physics lab at Pomona College

I taught a section of the intro physics lab course at Pomona College in Spring 2021. The course was entirely remote. Students explored experiments asynchronously using equipment that we mailed them, working in groups and keeping electronic lab notebooks. Class time was spent meeting with me one group at a time to discuss students' progress, results, challenges, and insights. The lab course focused on computer programming for data analysis in addition to troubleshooting and experimental design, and included practice with measurement uncertainty, using and applying physics models, and scientific communication.

The syllabus for this course can be found here.